Below is a list of major instrumentation and facilities housed in the laboratories of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences.  Please contact the indicated laboratory PI/manager for additional information. 

EDGE (Ecosystem Dynamics in Geochemical Environments) Laboratory: D’Arcy Meyer-Dombard

  • BioRad C1000 duel 48/48 gradient thermal cycler 
  • Shimadzu UV/VIS Spectrophotometer
  • Qubit fluorometer
  • Beckman countertop refrigerated centrifuge
  • UV transilluminators
  • gel electrophoresis rigs
  • Fotodyne Investigator gel visualization system.  
  • High temperature water baths (up to 85°C)
  • High temperature ovens (up to 120°C)
  • High and low-temperature shaking incubators
  • Gassing station for making specialized and anaerobic growth media
  • Coy anaerobic chamber
  • Leica DM5500 semi-automated epi-fluorescence microscope with a motorized Z drive, cooled high resolution CCD camera (with a direct interface), and Image Pro Plus acquisition and processing software, Hybridization ovens
  • Laminar flow fume hood 

Mineral-Water Interface Laboratory: Kathryn Nagy

  • Teledyne Leeman Labs Hydra AF Gold + Automated Mercury Analyzer Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer
  • Milestone DMA-80 Direct Mercury Analyzer
  • Dionex ICS-2500 Ion Chromatograph
  • Perkin Elmer Optima 4300 DV Inductively Coupled Plasma –Optical Emission Spectrometer
  • Perkin Elmer Lambda 25 Ultraviolet-visible Spectrophotometer
  • Fisher Scientific Marathon 21000R Refrigerated Centrifuge
  • Fisher Scientific Isotemp Drying Oven
  • Barnstead/Thermolyne 62700 Furnace Muffle Furnace
  • McCrone Micronizing Mill Vibratory Laboratory Mill
  • Thermo Scientific/Barnstead GenPure xCad Plus  UV/UF Ultraviolet photooxidation/ultafiltration water purifier
  • Fisher Scientific Isotemp Ultra low temperature chest freezer (-80˚C)
  • New Brunswick Scientific Excella E5 and E2 Platform Shakers
  • Metrohm Titrando 836 Titrator
  • Coy PGB3Ft Polymer glove box

Organic Geochemistry Laboratory: Fabien Kenig

  • Comprehensive multidimensional gas chromatograph (GC×GC) coupled to a time of flight (TOF) mass spectrometer (MS; Hewlett Packard 7890 coupled to a LECO Pegasus 4D)
  • Gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer (HP 6890 coupled to a mass selective detector, MSD)
  • Two HP 5890 gas chromatographs with FID and ECD detection
  • Preparative pyrolysis unit (S2 Analyzer from Vinci Technology)
  • Sonic Dismembrator  Model 500 (Fisher Scientific)
  • Centrifuge (Thermo Electron Centra Cl5)   

Paleontology Laboratory: Roy Plotnick

  • Leica M205C Stereomicroscope with Leica DFC495 Digital Microscope Camera with imaging software
  • Wild M-5 Microscopes
  • Recirculating flow tank and equipment for measuring drag and lift
  • Chatillon DFIS-10 digital force gauge, mounted on a Chatillon TCM-200 motorized test stand
  • Aquaria

Rock Preparation Laboratory: Ken Kearney

  • Hillquist SF-8 8 inch rock trim saw
  • Hillquist RF-16 16 inch rock slab saw
  • Buehler Lapro 36 inch rock slab saw
  • Buehler Ecomet III Polisher/grinder
  • Buehler Isomet Low speed diamond saw
  • Buehler  Supermet Coarse grinder

Water Cycle Laboratory: Max Berkelhammer

  • Thermo Fisher Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer (Precision) with TC/EA interface
  • Picarro l2130-i water isotope analyzer with autosampler for liquid injection
  • Los Gatos Research Inc. OCS/CO/CO2 Analyzer
  • Wet lab/dry lab with extraction lines, balance, microscopes, drying oven, fume hood, muffle furnace, freeze dryer, chest freezer.
  • Two High performance computing nodes. Specs: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2670 2.60GHz, 16 Cores, Cache Size : 20MB, Manufacturer’s model number : DELL ‘PowerEdge R620′, Chipset : Intel Corporation C600/X79 series, 128GB RAM, 1TB on-board hard drive

X-ray Crystallography Laboratory: Stephen Guggenheim

  • Siemens (Bruker) D-5000 Powder Diffractometer equipped with environmental chambers (low temperature, elevated pressure for gas/solid studies) and standard sample holder, Buehler high temperature furnace attachment capability
  • Siemens (Bruker) D-5000 Powder Diffractometer (standard sample holder)
  • Bruker three circle, single crystal diffractometer with APEX detector and SMART software, high pressure environmental cell for liquid/gas/solid studies capability
  • High pressure Ti vessels for liquid/gas/solid studies
  • Clay preparation laboratory (includes centrifuges, lathe, ultrasonic cell disruptor, etc.)