barry lesht

Adjunct Professor

B.A. Earth Sciences, 1971, Washington University of St. Louis
M.A. Geophysical Sciences, 1973, University of Chicago
Ph.D. Geophysical Sciences, 1977, University of Chicago
Post-Doctoral Associate, 1977-1978, Graduate School of Oceanography, University of Rhode Island
National Research Council Fellow, 1978-1979, National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratories

At present I’m most interesting in exploring how observations made by satellites can be applied to the study of biological and geological processes in the Great Lakes.  By developing new algorithms and by applying advanced statistical and data mining methods, the research is aimed at improving both our overall understanding the lakes and our ability to monitor their conditions. 

Recent Publications (since 2010):

  • Lesht, B.M., R. P. Barbiero, and G.J. Warren (in review).  Verification of a simple band-ratio algorithm for retrieving Great Lakes open water surface chlorophyll concentrations from satellite observations.  Submitted to J. Great Lakes Res. (February 2015)
  • Warner, D.M. and B.M. Lesht (in press). Relative importance of phosphorus, invasive mussels and climate for patterns in chlorophyll a and primary production in Lakes Michigan and Huron.  Accepted by Freshwater Biology (February 2015).
  • Barbiero, R.P., B.M. Lesht, G.J. Warren, 2014.  Recent changes in the offshore crustacean zooplankton community of Lake Ontario.  J. Great Lakes Res., 40(40):898-910. 
  • Bunnell, D.B., R.P. Barbiero, S.A. Ludsin, C.P. Madenjian, G.J. Warren, D.M. Dolan, T.O. Brenden, O.T. Gorman, J.X. He, T.H. Johengen, B.F. Lantry, B.M. Lesht, T.F.Nalepa, S.C. Riley, C.M. Riseng, T.J. Treska, I. Tsehaye, M.G. Walsh, D.M. Warner, and B.C. Weidel, 2014.  Changing ecosystem dynamics in the Laurentian Great Lakes: bottom-up and top-down regulation.  Bioscience, 64(1):26-39.
  • Lesht, B.M., R. P. Barbiero, and G.J. Warren, 2013.  A band-ratio algorithm for retrieving open-lake chlorophyll values from satellite observations of the Great Lakes.  J. Great Lakes Res., 39(1):138-152. 
  • Barbiero, R.P., B.M. Lesht, G.J. Warren, 2012.  Convergence of tropic state and lower food web in Lakes Huron, Michigan, and Superior.  J. Great Lakes Res., 38(2):368-380.
  • Lesht, B.M., R. P. Barbiero, and G.J. Warren, 2012.  Satellite ocean color algorithms: A review of applications to the Great Lakes.  J. Great Lakes Res., 38(1):49-60.
  • Barbiero, R.P., K. Schmude, B.M. Lesht, C.M. Riseng, G.J. Warren, and M.L. Tuchman, 2011.  Trends in Diporeia populations across the Lauentian Great Lakes, 1997-2009.  J. Great Lakes Res., 37(1):9-17.
  • Barbiero, R.P., B.M. Lesht, G.J. Warren, 2011.  Evidence for bottom-up control of recent shifts in the pelagic food web of Lake Huron.  J. Great Lakes Res., 37(1):78-85. 
  • Stroud, J.R., M.L Stein, B.M. Lesht, D.J. Schwab, D. Beletsky, 2010.  An ensemble Kalman filter and smoother for satellite data assimilation.  J. Amer. Statist. Assn., 105(491):978-990.
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