Kathryn L. Nagy

Professor and Department Head

B.S. Geology, 1977, University of Delaware
M.S. Geological Sciences, 1981, Brown University
Ph.D. Geology, 1988, Texas A&M University
Post-Doctoral Associate, 1989-1990, Yale University

We investigate geochemical and biogeochemical reactions in mineral-organic matter-water systems pertinent to Earth’s surface and near-surface regions. Exploration of molecular-scale processes responsible for limiting or enabling transport of chemical consituents in natural waters is accomplished using a variety of experimental approaches, natural materials, field samples, and advanced analytical techniques including synchrotron radiation. Current work is focused on identifying and characterizing environmental reactions involving the neurotoxic element mercury, other trace elements, and nutrient sulfur.

Selected Publications:

  • Callagon, E., Fenter P., Nagy K. L., and Sturchio N. C., 2014. Incorporation of Pb at the Calcite (104)-Water Interface. Environmental Science & Technology 48, 9263-9269

  • Manceau A., Simionovici A., Lanson M., Perrin J., Tucoulou R., Bohic S., Fakra S.C., Marcus M.A., Bedell J.-P., and Nagy K.L., 2013. Thlaspi arvense binds Cu(II) as a bis-(L-histidinato) complex on root cell walls in an urban ecosystem. Metallomics 5, 1674-1684.

  • Lee S. S., Fenter P., Nagy K. L., and Sturchio N. C., 2013. Changes in adsorption free energy and speciation during competitive adsorption between monovalent cations at the muscovite (001)-water interface. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 123, 416-426.

  • Manceau A. and Nagy K. L., 2012. Quantitative analysis of sulfur functional groups in humic substances by XANES spectroscopy, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 99, 206- 223.

  • Lee S. S., Fenter P., Nagy K. L., and Sturchio N. C., 2012. Monovalent ion adsorption at the muscovite (001) - solution interface: Relationships among ion coverage and speciation, interfacial water structure, and substrate relaxation. Langmuir 28, 8637- 8650.

  • Rouff A., Phillips B., Cochiara S., and Nagy K. L., 2012. Influence of humic acid on formation of imogolite-like structures and carbon uptake in amorphous aluminosilicates. Applied and Environmental Soil Science, V.2012, Article ID 430354, 12 p., doi:10.1155/2012/430354.

  • Nagy K. L., Manceau A., Gasper, J., Ryan J. N., and Aiken G. R., 2011. Metallothionein-like multinuclear clusters of mercury(II) and sulfur in peat. Environmental Science & Technology 45, 7298-7306.

  • Lee S. S., Nagy K. L., Park C. and Fenter P., 2009, Enhanced uptake and modified distribution of mercury(II) by fulvic acid on the muscovite (001) surface. Environmental Science & Technology 43, 5295-5300. Highlighted in July 3, 2009 Issue of Science Magazine.

  • Soderholm L., Skanthakumar S., Gorman-Lewis D., Jensen M. P., and Nagy K. L., 2008, Characterizing solution and solid-phase amorphous uranyl silicates. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 72, 140-150.

  • Park C., Fenter P., Nagy K. L., and Sturchio, N. C., 2006, Hydration and distribution of ions at the mica-water interface. Physical Review Letters 97, 016101.

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Office: 2442 SES, MC 186
Phone: 312-355-3276
Fax: 312-413-2279
Email: klnagy@uic.edu