Terra Society at March for Science

Welcome to the UIC Terra Society

Terra Society is a UIC student organization dedicated to scientific understanding of Earth and the environment.  Any UIC student interested in Earth and other planets, Earth systems, climate change, the environment, or resource management is welcome to join.

Both graduate and undergraduate students in the Terra Society are actively engaged in research and disseminating knowledge in the fields of geology, paleontology, climatology, planetary science, global change, environmental issues and resource management. Undergraduate and graduate students from outside the scientific disciplines are welcome to join and engage in active discussions on these issues.

Weekly Meetings

Fridays 12:00-1:00pm in SEL 1280


Co-President:  Perla Orozco, porozc3@uic.edu
Co-President:  Esther Yim, eyim3@uic.edu
Vice-President:  Elizabeth Herrera, eherre31@uic.edu
Treasurer:  Jesús Campos, campos6@uic.edu
:  Joseph Martino, jmart218@uic.edu
Graduate Student Liason:  Jillian Cellini, jcelli4@uic.edu
Faculty Advisor:  Stefany Sit, ssit@uic.edu

TERRA SOCIETY Events and talks