The Department urges all its majors to go to the Undergraduate Advisor, Greg Keller, for consultation once a semester. This advice is meant to help you devise a good curriculum, and to prevent making mistakes in course selection.

Greg Keller's contact information:
Office: 3276 SES
Phone: 312-996-4646 

All students in LAS make advising appointments with LAS advisors (Major or General) by going here: Appointments are required for M, W-F. Walk-in advising occurs on Tuesdays from 9:00-noon & 1:00-4:00, (but no DARS review/course planning during walk-in advising).

Mr. Keller also provides advising for Physics, Chemistry and Biochemistry (and so is quite busy!) and is housed in the Biology Dept.

If you are having trouble scheduling a time with Mr. Keller, please see Prof. Roy Plotnick, the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS). Prof. Plotnick can also provide advice and information on graduate schools, careers, and internships.

Professor Roy Plotnick's contact information:
Office: 2454 SES
Phone: 312-996-2111 

The best time for advising is by the twelfth week of the semester, after you have received your Advance Registration materials. To successfully comply with the College and EaES requirements is sometimes difficult. Avoid surprises during your Senior year by seeking advice very early in your curriculum.