University and College Requirements

These listed courses should be completed, as far as practicable, by the end of your sophomore year.

English Composition (ENGL 160 and 161 -- 6 hours)

It is required that the 6 hours of English Composition be taken as early in your student career as possible, because the reading and writing skills provided by these courses are needed for every other course you will take. The English Department runs a Writing Center that has had good success in helping people to gain an acceptable level of reading and writing ability. It is up to you to go to the Writing Center for help (100 Douglas Hall, 312-413-2206). The Language Laboratory also provides training for foreign-language students and other students needing additional study in English (these facilities are located on the third floor of Grant Hall). You can also find help at the Academic Center for Excellence (312-413-0031).

Foreign Language Requirement

Four semesters (or the equivalent) of a single foreign language at the college level. You can choose any language offered at UIC. 

LAS Course Distribution Requirements

The General Education Core includes the following six categories:

  • Analyzing the Natural World
  • Understanding the Individual and Society
  • Understanding the Past
  • Understanding the Creative Arts
  • Exploring World Cultures
  • Understanding U.S. Society

You must take at least one course in all six categories. A complete description of these areas, and the courses that are included within each, is at:

College 60 Hour, 40 Hour Advanced Course and 30 Hour Residency Rules

As a requirement for graduation, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences stipulates that every graduating student must have taken a minimum of 40 credit hours at the 200, 300, and 400 levels at a 4-year institution; these may include hours in the major. The courses needed to fulfill this requirement can be in any discipline; however, as you approach graduation, you will probably find that advanced EAES courses will allow you to satisfy the College requirement. Warning: It is easy to reach your senior year still taking 100-level courses and as a consequence fail to satisfy this requirement. The college also requires that your last 30 hours of course work must be completed at UIC and that you complete at least 60 hours after reaching junior status must be at a 4-year institution.  This last rule means that you should not take courses at a community college after your sophomore year.