Students are encouraged to apply for summer internships. Internships can help students define professional objectives more clearly.  They can help in comparing assumptions and expectations of professional life to reality.  They also provide students with experience and networking opportunities, both of which are beneficial when searching for a job or a graduate school.

Credit for internships can be awarded by registering for EAES 492 – Internship in the Earth and Environmental Sciences. You must register for this class during the semester you are taking the internship, credit will not be given retroactively. At the beginning of the internship, we require a letter from your supervisor detailing your position and their expectations. The supervisor should also provide a letter at the conclusion summarizing your accomplishments; you will also have to submit a written report. 
Often, environmental companies require a 40 hour Hazardous Waste safety course which meets the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. Sometimes, large companies or agencies will offer you such a course prior to the start of an internship.

Opportunities & Some Useful Links

Information on internships is distributed via the EaESMajors listserv and posted on the Undergraduate Information board outside SES 2459.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

American Geosciences Institute (AGI)

Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE)

GeoCorps America offers temporary summer positions (10-12 weeks) working for national public lands (e.g., Park Service and Forest Service).

Environmental Careers Organization  ( maintains a large listing of internships.

National Science Foundation – Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU): Search for programs in Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences, Earth Sciences, Ocean Sciences, and Polar Programs

USAJobs: search on the word “Internships”, and then input a keyword such as geology or Earth or environment - a commercial site that may be useful.  Under Internships, search on Earth science, geology, or environmental, or other pertinent terms

The Geological Society of America has a page that lists many internships.

The American Geophysical Union (AGU) has a Career Center and Jobs page:  Posted jobs are at all levels, but often REU and other opportunities are listed.  Try searching on undergraduate or internships.