Kathryn Nagy, Max Berkelhammer, Roy Plotnick, and Stefany Sit have been awarded an NSF IUSE-Geopaths Grant

The NSF-IUSE Geopaths grant will establish partnerships to improve recruitment of urban Chicago students into the geosciences. Project objectives include 1) developing and implementing urban-relevant geoscience dual enrollment courses and summer workshops; 2) coordinating with partner institutions to establish clear transfer agreements and academic advising; 3) providing more interactions between students and faculty, through mentoring, recruitment visits, departmental open house events, and geoscience informational materials; and 4) assemble additional partners including families and local employers to help support students through their degree. Partner schools include two regional community colleges (Prairie State College and Moraine Valley Community College) and four local high schools (Sarah E. Goode STEM Academy, Lincoln Park High School, North-Grand High School, Maine East High School, and Maine South High School).