Undergraduate Students Mary Chaudhry, Avram Golden-Trist, and Sasha Simon Present at the UIC Student Research Forum

Three undergraduate EaES students presented original research at the 2017 UIC Student Research Forum. The Forum showcases students’ scholarly efforts and celebrates the diverse research occurring at UIC. As part of the forum, every participant prepares a written abstract, creates a visual poster, and orally presents to their peers and faculty.  This year’s participants from EaES were:

Mary Chaudhry - Taxonomic Diversity in Deep Biosphere Ecosystems (Faculty Mentor: D’Arcy Meyer-Dombard)

Alexander (Sasha) Simon - Identifying and Characterizing Iron Cycling Microbes from the Zambales Ophiolite (Faculty Mentor: D’Arcy Meyer-Dombard)

Avram Golden-Trist - Distribution and Origin of Contaminants and Psychoactive Substances in Aerosols Near UIC (Faculty Mentor: Fabien Kenig)