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Photo of Malone, Andrew

Andrew Malone, PhD

Visiting Assistant Professor



Building & Room:

2476 SES


845 West Taylor St.

Office Phone:

(312) 413-1868


I investigate the relationships between the cryosphere and climate. More specifically, I focus on how mountain glaciers respond to past, present, and future climate changes. My research aims to improve forecasts of glacier evolution in the Anthropocene and refine methods for inferring paleoclimates from records of past glacial changes. In my research, I develop and implement mathematical and numerical models, which I integrate with data analysis and remote sensing imagery. Current projects include:

  • forecasting tropical Andean glacier evolution in the 21st century using a regional-scale numerical glacier mass balance model
  • analyzing global mass balance data records for asymmetries and developing simplified mathematical models
  • evaluating the climate signal embedded within late-Holocene moraines at the Quelccaya Ice Cap in Peru using a coupled glacier mass balance and ice-flow model

Selected Publications

  • Malone, A. G.O., Doughty, A. M., & MacAyeal, D. R. (in review) Interannual climate variability and the mean state of glaciers.
  • Sagredo, E. A., Lowell, T. V., Kelly, M. A., Rupper, S., Aravena, J. C., Ward, D. J., & Malone, A. G.O. (2016). Equilibrium line altitudes along the Andes during the Last millennium: Paleoclimatic implications. The Holocene, 0959683616678458.
  • Malone, A. G.O., Pierrehumbert, R. T., Lowell, T. V., Kelly, M. A., & Stroup, J. S. (2015). Constraints on southern hemisphere tropical climate change during the Little Ice Age and Younger Dryas based on glacier modeling of the Quelccaya Ice Cap, Peru. Quaternary Science Reviews125, 106-116.


BA Physics, 2011, Wheaton College (Norton, MA)

PhD Glaciology and Climatology, 2017, The University of Chicago