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Kimberly Van Meter

Adjunct Assistant Professor



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2468 SES

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(312) 996-0455

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We explore the ways in which climate, land use and management practices impact water quality in anthropogenic landscapes. In recent work, we have focused on the long-term impacts of intensive agricultural practices on water quality. We are interested in the development of parsimonious modeling frameworks to explore biogeochemical nutrient dynamics and contaminant transport across a range of scales, to better our understanding of functional linkages between watersheds and lake/coastal systems, and to explore the short- and long-term impacts of human activity on water quality.  The work in our lab is inherently interdisciplinary, situated at the crossroads of hydrology and biogeochemistry, and providing outward linkages to a range of different disciplines, from ecology to economics.

Selected Publications

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  1. Van Meter, K.J., P. Van Cappellen, N.B. Basu, “Legacy nitrogen may prevent achievement of water quality goals in the Gulf of Mexico,” Science, 22 Mar 2018, doi 10.1126/science.aar4462​
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  7. Van Meter, K.J., N.B. Basu, D. McLaughlin, M. Steiff, “The Socio-ecohydrology of Rainwater Harvesting in India: Understanding Water Storage and Release Dynamics at Tank and Catchment Scales,” HESS 20.7 (2016): 2629
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BA English, 1989, University of Iowa
MS Chemistry, 1996, University of Iowa
MS Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2012, University of Iowa
PhD Earth and Environmental Sciences, 2016, University of Waterloo
Post-Doctoral Fellow Earth and Environmental Sciences, 2017, University of Waterloo