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EaES at AGU in New Orleans

The department has several representatives presenting at this year's Annual American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting in New Orleans. The meeting is one of the largest Earth and space science gatherings in the world.

Carol Stein
Oral presentation on Monday afternoon - T13G-01 Should the "Grenville Front" in the Central U.S. be Erased from Geologic Maps?
Oral presentation on Thursday morning - T41E-08 Insights into Rift Initiation, Evolution, and Failure from North America's Midcontinent Rift

D'Arcy Meyer Dombard
Poster presentation on Monday morning - B11G-1747 Can Surface Seeps Elucidate Carbon Cycling in Terrestrial Subsurface Ecosystems in Ophiolite-hosted Serpentinizing Fluids?

Andrew Malone

Poster presentation on Monday afternoon - PA13B-0239 Scaling Quelccaya: Using 3-D Animation and Satellite Data To Visualize Climate Change
Oral presentation on Thursday morning - C42B-05 Quantifying Tropical Glacier Mass Balance Sensitivity to Climate Change Through Regional-Scale Modeling and The Randolph Glacier Inventory

Fabien Kenig
Poster presentation on Wednesday afternoon - B33A-2064 Sterol Alkyl Ethers in Immature Callovian (Middle Jurassic) Sediments of Pas de Calais and Normandy (France): Environmental Constraints on their Potential Origins.

Lauren Schurmeier
Poster presentation on Monday afternoon - P13D-2580 Are Titan’s radial Labyrinth terrains surface expressions of large laccoliths?

Tony Bellagamba
Poster presentation on Tuesday afternoon - C23C-1233 Partitioning of sublimation and evaporation from Lake Bonney using water vapor isotope and latent heat fluxes

Francois Ritter
Poster presentation on Wednesday afternoon - H33B-1675 Dew Frequency across the NEON Network from Infrared Radiometry

Michael (Joey) Pasterski
Oral presentation on Thursday afternoon - P43G-08 Micron Scale Mapping and Depth Profiling of Organic Compounds in Geologic Material: Femtosecond – Laser Desorption Laser Postionization – Mass Spectrometry (fs-LDPI-MS)

Luoth Chou
Poster presentation on Tuesday afternoon - ED23C-0313: A Centaur Reconnaissance Mission: a NASA JPL Planetary Science Summer Seminar mission design experience
Poster presentation on Friday afternoon - P53D-2664 Strategies for oxychlorine removal to facilitate pyrolytic organic matter analysis in subsurface oxychlorine-rich brines on Earth and Mars

Stefany Sit and D'Arcy Meyer-Dombard
Panel session on Wednesday afternoon - ED33B Fighting for Science: Methods to Engage the Public in Productive Discussion About Science