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Student Resources

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Different resources available to EaES students.


Join us for our Department seminars on Thursdays from 11am to noon in 1280 SEL-E.

EaES Undergrad Study Room

Room 2456 SES is a place just for undergraduates to gather, study, and relax between classes. There are some textbooks and rock and mineral hand samples available in the room to aid in your studies. Students are responsible for keeping the study room clean; please be courteous to others – wash your dishes and toss your trash.

EaES Lounge

Room 2460 SES is your home in EaES. Feel free to use it to eat lunch and mingle with other students and faculty. Snacks are for sale and benefit Terra Society. Lunch may be stored in the refrigerator and there is a small lending library for your reading pleasure. Students are responsible for keeping the lounge clean; please be courteous to others – toss your trash.

EaES Mailroom

In the mailroom (2440 SES), students can find faculty and graduate student mailboxes. Students also have access to a computer and printer. This facility is for use by EaES graduate students and undergraduate majors and minors ONLY.

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