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Departmental Resources and Services

Departmental Graduate Student Orientation Heading link

The University holds a TA orientation during the week preceding the beginning of the Fall semester. We require each incoming TA to attend. A graduate student orientation meeting for the department is held for one-half day during the same week. All incoming graduate students are expected to be present; continuing graduate students are encouraged to attend.

Departmental Research Facilities Heading link

To use any of the departmental research facilities, you must check first with the faculty member in charge. Students must not allow other students to enter laboratories of their advisors without being first cleared by the advisor. Any student working in a chemical or analytical laboratory must take the in-person lab safety course, which is typically offered multiple times each semester by the Environmental Health & Safety Office. Students must take other relevant courses depending on the specifics of the laboratories in which they will work. After taking the in-person course, the student must take the online refresher training course annually. For more information on rules and regulations regarding laboratory safety see your advisor or the Department’s Lab Safety Officer.

Departmental Seminars Heading link

The department has a seminar series every semester. Outside speakers, faculty and students are invited to speak on research topics of general interest. The purpose of the seminars is to provide a forum for the dissemination of new ideas, new concepts, and new developments in the Earth and Environmental Sciences. Refreshments are served before or after the seminar, depending on the semester’s scheduling, in the Department Lounge (2460 SES).

All graduate students are expected to attend. Graduate students are expected to register for EAES 595, Departmental Seminar, each semester (1 credit hour, graded S/U) in residence. Attendance will be taken at each seminar; unexcused non-attendance can lead to a grade of Unsatisfactory.

Graduate students have the opportunity to invite one speaker of their own choosing each semester and to host that speaker. Additional speakers may be suggested at any time for consideration by the seminar chairperson. Seminar notices include the name of each speaker’s faculty host, so that interested students can arrange to meet independently with the speaker.

Departmental Procedures Heading link

General rules for graduate student interaction with the departmental office staff are as follows:

  • Office hours are 8:30 a.m. – 4:45 p.m. Plan your needs accordingly.
  • Photocopy machine – Under no circumstances are students permitted to perform maintenance procedures on the photocopy machine. See office staff for assistance.
  • Use of office and laboratory telephones – All laboratories have phones for safety reasons, but all offices do not. All phones are restricted to local and toll-free dialing only. Please limit your personal use of the phones. Talk to your advisor about the best way to make a business call.
  • Office supplies – The only supplies furnished to students will be those needed for TA duties. Please limit your use of the printer to essential items.
  • Keys – See Edna Fuentes for keys and to arrange after-hours building access using your I-Card.
  • Department seminar duties – For each seminar that includes refreshments before or after, a graduate student will be assigned to prepare the lounge for the refreshments, assist the speaker with getting set up in the lecture room, and cleaning up the lounge after the seminar.
  • Tobacco Free Campus – Use of tobacco products (e.g., smoking) is not allowed on campus, including the outside grounds or in a private car parked on campus.
  • Ordering supplies – Normally, all supplies are ordered by faculty or staff, but if you need something, follow this protocol:
    • OBTAIN PERMISSION from your advisor or the faculty member in charge of the lab you are using, if you do not have your own research funds.
    • Ask the professor on which account the order will be paid.
    • See Minnie Jones for assistance with placing the order.
  • Upon leaving the University, turn in your keys to Edna Fuentes.