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Sexual Harassment Heading link

Sexual harassment, whether verbal or physical, intentional or unintentional, is unethical, unprofessional, and is not tolerated by either the Department or the University. It creates an unhealthy atmosphere for learning and teaching and can also lead to legal action against the offender and the University. Teaching Assistants are strongly urged to act professionally and avoid situations that can lead to even the perception of sexual harassment. Please inform the DGS and, if necessary, the Office of Access and Equity if you experience problems. For more information see

Ethics Heading link

If you are employed as a TA or RA you are required to complete an annual online ethics training course to comply with the Illinois State Officials and Employees Ethics Act. You will be informed via e-mail when the training is due and provided with a link to the online course. The ethics course will address such things as the limitations on appropriate use of university property (e.g., computers, copiers, etc.), rules for accepting gifts, and whistleblowing.