Kim Van Meter Speaks to Local News About Rising Lake Levels

Rocks and boulders being placed on the lakefront to reduce erosion, broken sidewalk that has fallen into lake, headshot of Kim Van Meter

Effects of rising Lake Michigan levels have been observed throughout the north and south sides of Chicago.  The pounding waves have caused erosion of the shoreline and put lakefront trails and beaches at risk.  This winter broke the record for a monthly high lake level for the first time in more than 30 years.

Professor Kim Van Meter spoke to several local news outlets about the increased lake levels and their relationship to increased precipitation, reduced evaporation, and strong storm surge.  She also discusses the potential impacts of climate change on future lake levels and the difficulty of dealing with both extremes in high and low lake levels.

Watch Professor Van Meter participate on a WTTW - Chicago Tonight panel here:

Watch Professor Van Meter on this ABC news clip here: