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Prof. Carol Stein and husband Seth Stein contribute to support future generations of scientists

Prof. Carol Stein, who has worked and contributed to the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences and UIC for over 35 years, along with her husband Seth Stein, William Deering Professor of Geological Sciences at Northwestern University, are generously thinking to the future and have established the Seth and Carol Stein Early Career Award in Geophysics and Geodynamics and the Cohan-Jacobs & Stein Families Fellowship through the Hertz Foundation to support and foster the growth of the next generation of geoscientists. Dr. Stein's long career has led her to supervise and mentor many undergraduate and graduate students in plate tectonic related research, teach a variety of courses including introductory to upper level geophysics, and serve in leadership roles at the Geological Society of America and American Geophysical Union.

"A lifelong commitment to promoting young geoscientists is a passion for a couple who met early in their geophysics careers.

When Carol and Seth Stein crossed paths at the California Institute of Technology in the late 1970s, Carol was an undergraduate whose brother shared an office with fellow grad student, Seth. One of the first women to receive a degree in geophysics at Caltech, Carol explained that at the time, most computing was done in a computing center: “You handed in your cards and waited an hour.” Those hours allowed time for the two young geoscientists to get acquainted, although it wasn’t until Seth was working on his post-doc and Carol went to grad school, that the two started dating. Seth took Carol on her first backpacking trip in the Sierras; with smiles, they still recall the bear who went to great lengths to devour their tree-stashed food in Yosemite.

... During Carol’s service as chair of the Society’s Geophysics and Geodynamics Division, she started the division’s best student presentation awards based on talks and posters at the annual meeting: “It’s a way of acknowledging that this is very important. It’s saying ‘We really value our young people.’” Now, Carol and Seth are generously giving back as a couple through the Seth and Carol Stein Early Career Award in Geophysics and Geodynamics. The Steins are passionate about encouraging and supporting the next generation of scientists and these efforts are an important part of what they do together."  - GSA Foundation

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