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Roy Plotnick and Carol Stein named Fellows of the Geological Society of America

Professors Roy Plotnick and Carol Stein have been named Fellows of the Geological Society of America for their contributions in the field of geoscience.  The following quotes from their nominations were published in the July, 2013 issue of GSA Today:

Stein is "a world leader in integrating marine heat flow and other geophysical data to explore oceanic lithosphere thermal structure, hydrothermal circulation in the sea floor, and other important topics in marine tectonics. Her work provides synoptic insight into first-order lithospheric-scale processes and Earth’s thermal budget."

“Plotnick has made substantial contributions across a range of topics in paleontology and stratigraphy. He developed improved methods for stratigraphic model-data comparison, pioneering the use of fractal approaches and lacunarity analysis; discovered the earliest definitive fossil insect ears; and challenged the existing orthodoxies with novel interpretations of trace fossils.”